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Monday, November 18, 2013

Apple Inc Introduces the Ypad

Satiricial News Service
Cupertino, CA

Less than two months after releasing the latest ipad air, Apple Inc. today announced their newest revolutionary invention, the “Ypad”. The Ypad is totally unique in that it uses zero electricity and is made of totally recycled materials. We feel it is one of the most ecological devices we’ve ever made!

To use it, one simply places the tip of a graphite filled stylus we call the Ypencil onto the surface of the Ypad and proceeded to write. Miraculously letters and words appear where the Ypencil moves. To delete the word, one simply turns the Ypencil 180 degrees and rubs the letter out with a soft rubber surface. When the message is completed, the user simply tears off the top surface of the Ypad and hands it to the intended person. No need for internet or cellular connectivity.

The Apple spokesperson went on to say “We feel this product will totally revolutionize the tablet market in the coming months spawning a new line of ecologically aware devices that decrease our dependency of electricity, and cut down on the need to dispose of expensive electronic components and eco hazardous batteries.”

The Ypad is expected to retail at Apple Stores for about $500 and users are already lined up to be the first to have one of these new Ypads.