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Thursday, January 2, 2014

More Controversy for DUCK DYNASTY Producer

The producer of the Show Duck Dynasty found himself in controversy again after A&E cancelled his upcoming show “American Nazi Youth” after it became known that they widely held anti-Semitic and anti-black sentiments. In a statement to the press, the producer said he was shocked and dismayed that they held these views. “We thought it was just a good clean show about boys doing sort of a boy- scout thing – you know -  marching around in uniforms, showing off with flags and guns – doing a lot of a fitness activities.  When they talked about racial purity, I always assumed it was about being clean and morally upstanding. I know they liked a lot of German things, so I figured it might appeal to that demographic. They also seemed to like a lot of WWII stuff so we figured that might also play into capturing that demographic audience as well. We had no idea at all that they were all racist and anti-Semitic .”