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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Airlines Will Now Charge you to Recline or Prevent Seat Reclining

Satirical News Service
New York, New York

After two airliners within the space of a month have had to be diverted due to fights breaking out over reclining seats, some airlines see this as another chance to further gouge their customers in flight.

In a trial test on a long flight, the passenger is charged $20 for the first 3 inches to recline their seat and then $15 per each additional inch to the maximum allowable limit of 10. They must swipe their credit card to “unlock” it. If the person in back of that seats does not want the seat in front of them to reline, they can swipe their credit card and be charged $25 to block it. Then it gets really interesting. If the first person wants to override that block, an ebay like auction window opens up on the in-seat viewers, and a bidding war begins. Whoever bids the highest, gets to control the seat. Airlines figure this could be a gold mine, and might actually mitigate the thousands of dollars lost when they have to divert flights due to altercations breaking out in flight.