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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Trump Wants Wall to Prevent Hurricanes Coming From Mexico

Path Of The Area He Wants To Build His Wall To Keep Out Hurricanes
Satirical News Service
Washington DC
In the response to scenes of today’s devastating hurricane hitting Texas right now, Trump today went on Twitter to demand that Congress act immediately on his Wall, to “prevent these devastating hurricanes coming directly from Mexico.”

“My weather experts are telling me that these hurricanes, just like the one that is right now devastating the Houston area, are coming directly from Mexico! Now Mexico, in addition to letting drug dealers, rapists, and murderers freely cross our border, are now letting devastating hurricanes come over the border and causing massive damage – massive! The only way to stop this is to build my wall that I have been asking Congress to do since DAY ONE! 
      Mexico, I assure you will pay for it, but right now we cannot afford to wait until the next hurricane comes over the border bringing tornadoes, floods, and catastrophic damage to our shores. My scientists and engineers have told me with complete assurances that this wall will prevent hurricanes from crossing our border. We have to build this wall NOW!”

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